Biotec Supercharge Facial



Biotec - 5 Technologies in 1

Man at the Gate offer facials designed with men in mind. Whilst regular shaving, late nights and busy lifestyles may result in skin losing energy and looking tired, our Elemis BIOTEC facials are scientifically proven to increase skin energy and ensure optimal function.

Our tailor-made treatments revitalise skin complexion and visibly improve skin health, resulting in vibrant skin and a case of deep relaxation in the mind and body.



Super Charge

Our male specific Supercharge facial ensure the skin is completely recharged with a powerful activator and an anti-ageing complex formulation rich in Kalpariane and Salicornia.

The BIOTEC Supercharge is designed to firm and completely re-hydrate men’s skin.



Fine lines
Wrinkle depth
Dull skin tone


Targets wrinkles and lines
Circulation is improved
Calms and reduces redness and irritation
Skin is powerfully rejuvenated

60 Minutes - £59

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