Belly Busting 3D Lipo



Incredible Results

"A Non-Invasive Fat Reduction procedure!"

3D-lipomed is a powerful, non-surgical liposuction treatment for fat removal.

3D-lipomed targets specific areas of fat and cellulite on the body, and areas that require skin tightening. There is a notable difference immediately after treatments.



There are some contraindications that are not recommended to undergo 3D-lipomed treatments, such as:
heart conditions, pacemaker, thrombosis/thrombophlebitis, anticoagulant medication, epilepsy, history of cancer, autoimmune conditions, metal prosthesis or implants and diet controlled diabetes.


Cavitation targets localised fat and deep cellulite.
The non-invasive treatment ensures reduced treatments times and larger treatment areas.

Why Choose 3D-lipomed:

A complete approach to the problem / Prescriptive to your needs
Multi- functional device / Lose inches / Cellulite reduction
Skin tightening for the face and body / No exercise required post treatment


3D Lipo For Men- Treatment Prices

30 minute consultation redeemable against treatments booked - £20

Cavitation + Skin Treatment Sessions

Medium area - £70 per session
Course of 6 treatments only £320 - Saving of £100

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