Man at the Gate

Man at the Gate was created to offer men a place of their own, where they can relax in peace, enjoy being looked after whilst looking after themselves in how they look and feel.


The majority of beauty salons these days set-up and targeted for their female clientele. This can make visiting a salon intimidating for men, the atmosphere, the decor and treatments are all aimed at making that female clientele comfortable. Indeed our own salon Beauty at the Gate is exactly the same.

We are aware that there are many men out there that are put off from visiting salons for this very which is why we had MATG built. It has been built to create an atmosphere and look that appeals to men and offers them surroundings they can relax in and relate to.



A Modern Approach for a Modern Man

Luxury surroundings, relaxing and result driven treatments.


Get a feel for the MATG experience