LED Phototherapy


National Award-Winning Treatment

Dermalux LED phototherapy is an award-winning non-invasive skin treatment designed for a range of skin conditions; reversing the ageing process and visibly improving skin.



Dermalux accelerates the body’s natural skin repair processes, to fight any signs of ageing, lines & wrinkles, burns & sun damage, acne, eczema & psoriasis, pigmentation and overall skin health. Our male clients get visible improvements within a few days of the treatment.

The treatment is simple and pain-free with fast results, combating skin conditions that are often difficult to treat. Our award-winning Dermalux LED phototherapy is clinically proven to deliver real results, achieving impressive and visibly improved skin for men.


Dermalux is used in hospitals and by plastic surgeons to help prepare the skin and accelerate the healing process.

Fine Lines & Wrinkles / Acne / Pigmentation / Dermatitis / Eczema / Rosacea / Sunburn / Psoriasis

One Procedure

Many targeted treatments - the real beauty of Dermalux is that it enables us to perform a variety of treatments, completely adjusted to your needs.

Adding Power to the Light

By combining Dermalux with our results driven facials you can really achieve out of this world results, younger fresher looking skin. Dermalux can be added to any of our facials.

Dermalux For Men Treatment Sessions

30 minute consultation - £15

Single session - £30

When added to any facial - £20

Course of 10 treatments - ONLY £250

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